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So the spiritiual month of Ramadan has ended and once again Eid al-Fitr is here!

Like Christmas, for Muslims this means rejoicing with those at the mosque, having a huge feast, exchanging gifts and being with loved ones.

I must admit I found Ramadan a bit of a struggle this year…studying and personal battles are always trying and Ramadan can give a lot of inner strength, but when such a month brings family together and one experiences a huge loss and/or change in these foundations, all things combined can leave one feeling a little isolated.

Luckily, Ramadan is also a time for extra charity. And nothing helped more than fundraising again with a group of strangers and friends. Knowing you were helping the needy and starving helped make Ramadan more tangible for me…try as I might I couldn’t phrase that without it sounding so crappily cheesy and cliche! But honestly, making a positive change feels good, even if at the very least it’s a welcome temporary distraction from one’s turmoils.

Ramadan – like many religious periods – invites a hotbed of debate, and this year’s was no different.

And I’m pleased to say I drew strength from these. Actually a few discussions in particular will never go away. I can hold my hands up and say I’m sometimes wrong and sometimes stubborn ( 🙂 ), but it never ceases to amaze me how certain views about equality and human rights I find universal are met with disagreement by some.

So this Eid al-Fitr, I wanted to wish all my loved ones Eid Mubarak and hope God blesses you all.

For those who follow a faith and say you can’t be gay if you are supossed to be Muslim, Christian, Jewish / any of the non-Abrahamic religions, I say God created all people equal. And despite loving another person clearly being poles apart from being a sin, only two people can judge you – yourself and God. May God bless you too.

For those who are atheist and say you can’t be Muslim, Christian, Jewish / any of the non-Abrahamic religions if you are supossed to be gay, I say it is no more wrong to say that than when religious leaders have told the LGBT community that their feelings are unnatural. If someone can happily follow a faith and happily embrace theirs and others’ sexuality, then as you would tell those same religious leaders, live and let live. May the Cosmos bless you.

And to all my friends and loved ones who aren’t Muslim or who are indeed agnostic / atheist, I love you as you. I wish you positivity and happiness over the coming year…and if I’ll be seeing you, then get ready to feast and party! 😀

Love To All, X


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